Saturday, December 09, 2006

December 1+2 = 3

Welcome To Decemburrr!
December is a 3 month (1+2=3) which signifies fun, friends and family! Expect to feel festive, popular and energetic this month - just in time for those holiday parties.

The three month is also a wonderful month for communication. It is a time to express your ideas, thoughts, hopes and dreams. Impress your colleagues with your business savy knowledge and intelligence. Use good, loving communication to verbalize your love commitment and respect to the important friends and family in your life.

December is and ideal time to entertain and be entertained. Expect new people to enter your life - moods will be playful and celebratory. Key words typical in a 3 month are: effervescent, sociable, romantic, interesting and cheerful. How can you go wrong??

With all this great energy - December 2006 should be a happy and fun month that you will remember for months to come!!

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

It's Sagittarius Time

Oh, the mighty Sag. Sagitttarius' are a fire element, and if you don't watch it, you'll get burned. Seeking the logical and truthful approach to every situation, they do not care whose feelings they hurt to get their point across. Having a brother, sister and a best friend who are Sag's, I know this for a fact. Sag's love their freedom and refuse any restrictions. Sag's have many friends and love to be the center of attention, people are always calling on them to hang out.

Sag men are charming, witty and flirtatious. The kind of man everyone wants at a party. Since the men of Sagittarius love their freedom so, they are often considered the bacheleor sign due to the courting of several women at once.

The women can sometimes be hard to figure out. Flirting with a man, but then, ducking away at the propasal of dinner or a movie. Not wanting to be held down, they want a man who shares their interests and have conversation. At the same time being a devoted mother, they want their children to find their own way and learn for themselves.

Sag's are smart and stubborn and wonderful to have on your side. They will stand up to anyone for something or someone they care about.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Things to Watch

I read this today and thought it was worth sharing.

Watch your thoughts - they become words.
Watch your words - they become actions.
Watch your actions - they become habits.
Watch your habits - they become your character.
Watch you character - it becomes your destiny.

- Amber

Monday, November 06, 2006

Numerology For November

November is an 11 month, which in numerology is a 2 (1+1=2) The leadership and independence of October (a 1 month) is replaced with love and cooperation. This is an excellent month to help others, listen and give guidance, and absorb new ideas. Let your cooperative spirit shine through, you will be noticed and appreciated.
The 2 month is all about partnerships and love and romance. Create the love and romance you want or help settle the differences of those who are fighting. Don't let things upset you and invoke your temper. This is a time to stay determined, logical, and level-headed. A cool, charming approach in dealing with everyone will bring success and victory.
You should sit back and analyze choices this month. Don't rush into making large decisions. Negotiating and socializing are favorable in a 2 month. Enjoy your friends, colleagues, and partnerships. The 2 vibration should have a calming and relaxed feel so enjoy your down time and savor the success you were able to bring in during October.
Flow with the tides - Enjoy the peace and tranquiliity - Appreciate your loved ones. Loved and Be Loved this November!


Enchanted Valley Halloween Fair

Our store was a buzz of intuitive energy on October 28th at our annual Halloween Fair. Four of our readers: Serena, Amber, Cate and Tim camped out all day and did readings for regular and brand new customers. We were packed all day with shoppers, inquiring minds, and all of us that work so hard to make it a great event. We have our Fairs four times a year. Keep checking our website: for more information.

The Withes Ball

What a fabulous time we had at the Witches Ball. The whole group look absolutly amazing. Ladies in their beautiful gowns and gentlemen in the best suits and tuxes. Well, our group anyway. We ate, we laughed, we complained about the music, and the Cards won the World Series! Next year, Enchanted Valley plans to host a Witches Ball in the O'Fallon area. We will keep everyone posted as time goes on.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Another smashing success at Enchanted Valley. Popular author, Christopher Penczak joined us for a book signing and a very fun workshop. We had about 30 guests join us on Monday night. Everyone raved about how wonderful he was afterwards and still are today.
During the workshop, we talked about Instant Magick, also a title of one of Christopher's books. Instant Magick is a way of bringing things that you want or more imortantly, need into your life without going thru the formalities of ritual Magick. He also talked about your mudra's and guided us thru a wonderful meditation that everyone truly enjoyed.
I would like to give special thanks to Kay for making some delicious treats and, of course, making this possible by opening our brave little store two years ago. Also a very big special thanks to Christopher Penczak for taking time out of his busy schedule to visit with us for an evening. We hope to have him with us again very soon!

To Feng Shui or Not To Feng Shui

Linda Binns will be joining us again on November 4 to promote her newest book: "Feng Shui For Your Relationship: Changing Your Enviroment To Create Better Relationships."

Linda has joined us a few times in the past to teach awesome workshops on the basics of Feng Shui and has come to be a much anticipated guest at our store. Sadly she moved away from us so we don't get to see her as regularly as we would like.

Her lecture is from 10:30 to 11:30 on November 4th and she will be siging books afterwards. We aren't the only ones who love Linda:

"Clear and inspiring, Linda has made Feng Shui easy to understand and incorporate into every day living. Her passion for the topic is obvious."

Jim Parker, President, The Mentor Connection, Inc.

"Linda's book was a fascinating read. It really focuses on relationships and living an 'intentional' life which is exactly what we teach at Dale Carnegie. It also gives practical activities at the end of each chapter which will encourage the readers to make changes."

Billie Bright, EVP & General Manager, Dale Carnegie Training - St. Louis

We can't wait to see her!

Friday, October 06, 2006

The Full Moon is upon us! by Amber

The Full Moon is upon us, and what a beauty she is! Her magnificance reflects down upon us in such a way that even those of little faith will feel her pull tonight. Now is the time for Magick!

The Element of Air is crisp with new energy. The heat of the summer is dying away, thus making room for the stirrings of something new. Now is the time to search within yourself and uncover what has been hidden.

Dance in the Moonlight my friends! Open yourself to her energies and see into the shadows. You may find that your answer there!